Why Blog about Allergies?

Hello and welcome to my blog!

My name is Charmaine, my son Bobby has multiple food allergies.  This blog is about staying positive, sharing information and doing the allergy journey without fear!

When we found out that our son Bobby had multiple food allergies at 6 months of age, we had no one to talk to, to find out their experience, share recipes or just to ring up and have a chat.

I am happy to say Bobby is now 4 years of age and thriving, he has started Kindergarten and is doing really well.

Many times during this journey, I have felt powerless and scared, overcoming fear has been my biggest challenge.  I am happy to report that my intrepid adventures into the world of allergies, has armed me with lots of information and of course good recipes, a boy has got to eat!

Our touchstones during this time has been our son, who is awesome.  The team of Doctors we have in place- Dr Deb our GP and Dr Annkathrin our Paediatric Allergist/Paediatrician, our family and our friends.

I am not an expert on allergies, just a Mum trying to navigate the puzzle of allergies on a daily basis.  I decided to write this blog, because I receive many requests for my recipes.  I hear of many kids missing out on birthday cakes because of their allergies.  At the very least I hope to remedy this and to reach out and share/swap information with other parents on this journey.

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