Birthday Cake

One of the compelling reasons to write this blog, has been the many people who have contacted me for recipes; I have heard many a sad story about children missing out on having a Birthday cake because of their dairy and egg allergies, let’s put an end to that!

Egg & Dairy Free – Space Shuttle Cake

I have two recipes for great cakes – this recipe is for a sponge type cake.  Before finding this recipe, I thought it impossible to do a sponge cake, but again, thanks to the Vegans I can now do it!  Before we go any further don’t forget my ‘Tips for Safe Cooking’.

I have had so many comments on this cake, people have been amazed that it doesn’t have egg or dairy in it.

You could even use this recipe to ‘magic’ up some lamingtons – what I thought was impossible!

Again the recipe is from a fabulous Vegan cook and you can find it here.  The recipe is for Fluffy White Cupcakes, but it works fine as a cake too!  My tip is make a batch of muffins as a practice run before the big event.

For the icing I just used icing sugar, lemon /orange juice and a non dairy butter (Nuttelex)  – just mix the (non-dairy) butter until it is soft and creamy add the sieved icing sugar and tiny splashes of lemon or orange juice until you get a firm consistency.  As you can imagine, with the space shuttle (pictured above) – we used a galaxy of icing – so make lots.

Need help with constructing a cake like this?  My ‘go to book’ is the Women’s Weekly Birthday Book – it has really easy assembly instructions.

The highlights and details on the cake have been done using the ‘cheats’ method!  I use icing pens, they come in different colours, you can find them in the ‘Cake’ section in any Supermarket.

2 comments on “Birthday Cake

  1. Susan H.
    January 28, 2012 at 7:46 am #

    Hi Charmaine! Noticed you over at An Itchy Little World. I also have a blog The Food Allergy Chronicles. I am also new to the blogging world! I write about my families journey with mulitiple food allergies (dairy,egg,sesame,beef,fish,shellfish,peanut/treenut,mustard and raspberry)eczema and asthma. I have two boys and we live in Canada. I also post yummy allergen free recipes. I am currently writing a series on cross-contamination. Come check us out! Susan H. @ The Food Allergy Chronicles

    • intrepidallergymum
      January 28, 2012 at 8:19 am #

      Hi Susan
      Thank you for stopping by! It’s great to be part of a community of bloggers and especially so many people to share the allergy journey with, I wish I started doing this 3 years ago! But I don’t know about you, but I needed to hide under a virtual doona/duvet for a while and now I am ready to connect. There are similar allergies we share, so will be looking forward to seeing your recipes. At the moment looking for some lunch box ideas!

      Will visit you soon! Charmaine

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