Ready for School?

My son started pre-school today.  What a range of mixed feelings I have, anxious, excited, elated and a little bit teary – my baby is growing up.

He looked so cute in his new uniform and although he was not that keen to go, I felt confident that after many conversations with the School that they would be able to manage his allergies and asthma.

I have left a medical kit at the school; it includes anti-histamine (Loratadine), EpiPen, Ventolin, spacer and mask.  His ‘Anaphylaxis Action Plan’ will also being going with him, you can see the forms here.

The Anaphylaxis Action Plan is written up and signed by a Dr or Specialist and you can put a picture of your child at the top and your contact details, it is a one-stop go to sheet for the school (or any one else that might be taking care of them).

He also has a ‘Asthma Action Plan’ which we obtained from an admission to hospital (for an asthma episode)- they are handy forms as they clearly identify when and how much Ventolin to administer for people taking care of your child; you can find these forms here, just go to page 53.

I had 10 minutes with his teacher at the start of school today, and I requested that hand washing be done before and after meals; this simple action minimises cross-contamination of food proteins and therefore, less allergy related incidents.  I was pleasantly surprised to hear that all the children were expected to do that anyway!

So I waved him off today, and I didn’t feel too anxious or stressed.  I have been working with Devryn – my Kinesiologist, to overcome my fear and trepidation in relation to my son’s life threatening conditions; his allergies and asthma (you can find out more about Kinesiology here ).  Devryn is a very talented and wise woman, she asked me to focus on releasing the burden of fear, and one of my exercises is to use this mantra “it’s up to me and the Angels”.  Just saying this makes me smile and I feel lighter, do you have a mantra that you use in stressful situations?

So in summary, my son is more than ready for school – he had a great experience today, and yes I can say I am ready for school too!

4 comments on “Ready for School?

  1. Alicia
    February 2, 2012 at 1:47 pm #

    Charmaine, great post!

    It’s brimming with advice and practical tips – it will help lots of other mums to navigate the transition to school.

    You’re an unrelenting advocate for your son, he is so lucky to have you. You’ve prepared you little one to take on this new adventure with confidence and fun.

    Couldn’t agree more on your mantra- Angels are all around us, I just wish more people drew on them.

    • intrepidallergymum
      February 2, 2012 at 2:13 pm #

      Hi Alicia
      Thank you for your feedback and your kind comments. It such a tumultuous time, still a bit teary now and then, but I know he is safe and having fun. You are right about the Angels, they are great to lean on : )

  2. Mary
    March 1, 2012 at 8:00 am #

    Hi Author, Thanks regarding the excellent details that you have provided on your website regarding Bronchial asthma.
    Many people today do not realize the warning signs of asthma attacks or whether or not one of their friends
    or family may possibly have this ailment Your comments have shed some light on the actual facts of asthma
    and perhaps help individuals to recognize the symptoms of someone having an asthma attack.

    • intrepidallergymum
      March 1, 2012 at 10:06 am #

      Hi Mary
      Thank you for your comment. I have referred my readers to the Australian Action Management Plan and there is a lot of information there, I am not an expert on Asthma; just know how to manage my son’s asthma. Thanks for stopping by!

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