What! No Egg?

Photo Credit: My Green Australia 

Living life without the humble, but yet so versatile egg is not because we are Vegan, rather it was a decision that was made for us.  Stepping back in time,  I was a force in baking, egg was a staple in my fridge, I loved making cakes and biscuits, pastries and curds, my family even gave me the nickname of ‘Nigella’ (Nigella Lawson, famous cook with fabulous recipe books)!

However, life changes and you have to go with the flow.  My husband and I became parents, and our bundle of joy is now 4-1/2-years of age, developed severe allergies and you guessed it, one of them is to egg.

So this was a big baking sea-change for me, I went into what I now term as my ‘baking depression’; so many gadgets, so many recipe books, were all sadly put away.  Egg was no longer welcomed in our house.

As my son started to get bigger, I needed to make him birthday cakes and treats, so I started to tentatively explore the world of ‘no egg’, what I found was the fabulous world of the Vegans.  Vegans in a nutshell (and please forgive my summary here and the unintended pun), have a diet which is cruelty free which means that they don’t have any products from animals; meat, eggs or dairy.  Their diet consists of vegetables, nuts, soy, rice or any animal-free product.  So their recipes are easily translated into my allergy free house, and I substitute or leave out items that are not suitable or safe for my son (ie nuts).

Yes, I have said in an earlier post that I love the Vegans, and I do because their style of cooking brought me back from baking depression and now I am contemplating buying recipe books again (Vegan of course) and I am back to using all my old gadgets and buying new ones!  When you have a child with severe allergies, you have to make everything, so I am back to baking with a passion, and at its heart is my son, but my husband also benefits from the goodies!

So how do I replace the egg?  Well there are a few ways:

  • one teaspoon of soda bicarbonate with one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar (put it together and watch it fizz – great trick for your kids!); this gives the lift and some fluffiness for cakes and pancakes;
  • baking powder;
  • apple puree, is great for binding;
  • mashed banana, great for binding;
  • Orgran No Egg – Natural Egg Replacer – commercially prepared egg replacer; I use this for a binding agent when I am coating patties in bread crumbs.

These are just some of the egg replacements I use, have you got any others?  Would love to hear them, please post a comment!

P.S.  I have kept all my Nigella Lawson recipe books, they are in my ‘No More Allergies Hope Box’; I know one day my son will be able to enjoy all the things he is allergic to now, it’s just a matter of time.  There is no expiry date on recipe books or on hope, for that matter  : )

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