Necessary distraction

Do you have times in your life where you need some distraction?  When you feel you are being hit with lemons and your tired of drinking lemonade?  This is when I need some distraction, a bit of an escape, to take my mind on a holiday.  I wish I had a virtual cupboard of ideas, of what to do in those random moments, a kind of ‘break the glass in case of emergency’.

Recently I needed some satisfying and absorbing distraction, after a few moments of contemplation I found filed away in my brain under my  ‘must see’ list, the film ‘Julie and Julia’.  The joy of being able to instantly gratify my need to watch this film, without getting in the car to the DVD hire store was wonderful!  I downloaded it on iTunes whilst doing the dinner, bath and bed routine with my son.

With my son safely and happily asleep,  the film was fully downloaded and ready to watch!  I was extremely smug with my choice of distraction and ‘Julie and Julia’ delivered on a number of levels.  The film centers around the lives of two women, Julia Childs and Julie Powell, the film beautifully intertwines these women’s lives, although they are being played out in a different time periods.  The most edifying and satisfying glue to this story is the celebration of food.  But I must add I enjoyed the other themes in the film, about finding yourself, pursuing your passion, the importance and power of love, and then there was also the cooking, writing of recipe books and of course for good measure – blogging as well!  Did I mention that I loved this film?

‘Julie and Julia’ connected with many of my favourite things and I now have the joy of being able to watch it whenever I please!  I have decided that a little bit more distraction in my life, wouldn’t be a bad thing – I’ll put that on my ‘to do’ list!

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