Anything is possible

My beautiful boy requested a space station cake for his 5th birthday from the Women’s Weekly Birthday Book.  Degree of difficulty on this one is certainly a 9.9!  The day before his birthday I made the cakes, I had a few problems making my own jelly rolls, so my engineering husband constructed a work around – he punched round shapes from the prepared cakes and glued them together with strawberry jam, hey presto problem solved!

The recipe I used was a winner and you can find it here, it was moist and light and everyone could not believe it did not contain dairy or egg!  The icing was just a simple lemon, icing sugar and dairy free margarine mixture,  and I needed a galaxy full to ice this creation; it certainly took a while.  I would have loved to have more time but needed to cook lunch for our family – so the pressure was on to get things done quickly!

My son loved the cake and when no one was watching would quickly pick off a (dairy free) chocolate chip decoration  or a lolly, I was pleased there were a few left when it came to cutting the cake.  My son made a wish and blew out all his candles, and I made one too, can you guess what mine was?

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