Finally Lift Off!

If you have been following my blog, you might have twigged that my son has been ill, we were able to have the family party, but had to postpone the friends party at a Trampoline Centre.  So finally one week later we were able to have his 5th birthday party and it went really well.  He had a brilliant time and the cake received rave reviews!  One Dad said “I have never had such a great Birthday Cake” – so that made me very happy (thanks Kevin!).

My secret recipe…thanks to the blog “Not Quite Nigella” I baked this cake in a roasting pan of all things, three quantities in one hit and it turned out just fine – very mud cake like, but egg and dairy free.  You can find the recipe here – you will be impressed too!

The crowning glory of this cake was the icing, I used my favourite Vahlrona Cocoa Powder, Icing Sugar and Non-Dairy margarine,  it is almost like a ganache….delicious.  No one guessed that it was dairy and egg free, they just loved it!

Who says that you can’t have your cake and eat it – even with allergies – we certainly did.

Happy Birthday My Darling Boy!

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