Winter Garden

In Australia we tend to call the outdoor spaces behind our houses ‘backyards’, in England they call their spaces ‘gardens’.  I think it is time to re-term our outdoor spaces here in Australia, yard connotes car wrecks, old sheds and rusty garden furniture, not that these items don’t add character, but I would like to argue that ‘garden’ sounds more enchanting, a place to rest and recharge, play, entertain and if you ever get the time – read a book…ah the thought of it!

Our garden has been lovingly formed by other hands – over thirty years ago, most of the plants and trees are mature and pretty low maintenance, which means we just keep things simple with minimal fuss (which also means minimal effort!).  My son enjoys going into the garden to pick flowers for me, and in winter there is little pockets/flashes of colour here and there and lots for him to choose from.  The beauty of winter is that it allows the foliage to take on a rich green hue, a time of respite from the hot dry, bleaching summers.

We have many sasanqua varietals (camellia’s) in our garden and lots of bees at the moment too – I wasn’t quick enough to capture one of these little critters, but fast enough to avoid a sting!  Whilst I was having fun in between a rain shower and sparkling sun (all in the space of 15 minutes), the joy of escaping the normal every day routine was such a buzz (pardon the pun).  Whilst playing around with my macro lens and capturing the blooms in our garden, the Kookaburra’s (Kingfisher birds) started to sing in chorus and I was happy that I was in the moment and I was present enough to hear their beautiful song – all in our winter garden.

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