Slice of (icy) Heaven

Think double choc-chip, a crispy molten indulgence, teamed with creamy vanilla infused strawberry ice-cream, then to finish the experience a layer of fresh strawberries…heaven in a mouthful?  Definitely!

This adventure into icy treats has been a challenge, I don’t do cookies!  But, luckily for me the stars must have aligned and the cookies turned out beautifully.

Next stop was making the ice cream, no sweat, we make strawberry ice cream all the time; you can find it here.

To form the sandwich/slice I used food preparation rings, they are quite tall so you could do several layers: what a wicked indulgence that would be!  Just put them in the freezer, for a few hours, pop out the ice-cream sandwich from the ring, and you are ready to enjoy!

This treat was made for the little muse in my life, my son, so it is dairy and egg free;  a new food sensation for him – the joy of ice-cream sandwiches!

My son misses out on quite a few things because of his allergies, my mission is to convert recipes, think outside of the box and come up with alternatives that are tasty, delicious and importantly provide him with wonderful memories of (home-made) childhood treats.

By the way, the cookie recipe is from one of my favourite Bakers – Erin McKenna, her book titled “Babycakes” is a must have.

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