Beware Dinosaurs

One of my (5-year-old) son’s favourite books is “Harry and The Dinosaurs”, so when we found out there was going to be a Dinosaur Exhibition at the local Science Museum we were keen to take a look.

The idea was exciting, but when we got there the scale of the Dinosaurs and the sound track (think ravenous hungry sounds), was enough to have my son race out the door and not look back.  After some reassurance, “the dino’s are not real, they are just big toys, with batteries that make them move,” etc, etc, he did go back in for a short while.  The  exhibition was a bit too big and scary for my son, so we spent time in the other part of the Museum and he loved that.

A few days later I could tell that the Exhibition was still playing on my son’s mind, my husband mentioned that he had a bad night’s sleep, my son asked “did you have a bad dream about the Dinosaurs Daddy?”


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