Goodbye procrastination and hello Spring!

Fabulous Flame, Chorizema Pea Wildflower

Synonymous with being Aussie, the great and much-loved Golden Wattle (Acacia Pycnatha)

When I found this specimen it was like winning the lottery, I love seeing bush orchids in the wild, and I think this might be a Swamp Curly Locks

Not sure of this plant could it be a Leptospermum?

Another beautiful bush orchid?

Guessing Grevillea?

Picture above – Perth skyline – a view from the hills.

Plum Orchard, Pickering Brook

It’s been a while since I posted, where have I been?  No where, just thoughts and ideas running through my mind but no energy, time or motivation to get them down!  Procrastination has hit hard after a wave of winter illness, rounds of colds, influenza and the like.  Today is the first day everyone is better in the family and a good enough reason to finally share these images I took five weeks ago on a family picnic in Kalamunda, Western Australia.

The images show some local flora spotted in and around the ‘Zig Zag’, an old railway turnaround track built to assist trains to get down the hill, it is now a road, used as scenic drive from Kalamunda on your way down to Perth.  If you can help with the naming of the flora, I would love to hear from you, please leave a comment!  Can anyone spot the local wildlife captured in one of the photos?

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