I have been in a blogging hiatus for several months, may be I have waiting for some sign, perhaps I was waiting for some positive news on the allergy front.

Being an allergy parent is a lesson in humility and patience, it comes with the diagnosis; as a parent you would like an instant cure, as if you could push factory reset on your child’s immune system and wake up the next day and your child can eat anything, everything.


  • going to the shop and no longer having to read all the ingredients on each product;
  • not having to trial new food products, one teaspoon at a time and wait for a reaction;
  • my son going to a friend’s birthday party and being able to eat all that there is on the table (maybe not all);
  • having my son’s birthday party and have it catered for;
  • my son being able to buy an ice cream from the “Mr Whippy Van” and eat it!
  • being able to order food for your child at a restaurant – whoa huge!
  • not having to carry a medical kit, and keeping an epi-pen within a constant temperature range;
  • going away and not having to pack food for the plane, food for the destination and even utensils;
  • not having to cook each meal;
  • not having to have a safety and first aid talk with each new teacher, or play date parent.
  • not worrying when your child sneezes consecutively or starts to cough out of the blue.
  • not having to live in fear.

I have imagined this – have visualized it and – are we there yet?  Nope.  But I have to say progress has been made in small steps, we have just had an almond food challenge at (Defcon 1 – what I like to call high defence alert) on the ward at the local children’s hospital, and my son is now eating almonds!  We had the food challenge just before Xmas, it is a wonderful gift, we have finally one nut (I know it really is a seed) that my son can have safely.

My son now needs to eat almonds regularly, to prevent him from developing an allergy to it.   So although progress seems slow, my son has been able to add wheat, soy, bananas, salmon, peas and now almonds to his diet, all of these things are given regularly.  We have also safely added things like coconut and avocado without going to a medically supervised food challenge, but we have done these new foods in consultation with my son’s Dr.

My earlier post was a quote from the great Nelson Mandela “It always seems impossible until its done”.   I am going to just keep going because one day this quote is going to come true, and although my son has several major, life threatening food allergies, I know – that what seems impossible now, will one day be a memory.

So with this optimism and strength we move into 2014 and to new adventures, we are taking on the dust mites and pollen pests and we are hoping to start some kind of desensitization to egg.  Bring it on, we are ready to keep going!  What’s on your hit list this year?

2 comments on “nuts

  1. Kris
    January 6, 2014 at 10:07 pm #

    Firstly, such good news regarding your son’s new “safe” foods. That is truly wonderful.
    I founds myself saying, “yes, yes, yes!” to your imaginings. Oh wouldn’t it be nice, a miracle really.
    We have our first food challenge next Wednesday, not really sure what to expect. I hope it’s a good outcome but I’m going to go in with no expectations. Don’t want to be disappointed.
    Speaking of disappointing we were admitted for the second time in three months for broncholitis. I know with my Darling’s history to expect asthma, just don’t want up face that as well.
    Anyway, this reply was meant to be more about you and less about me. Congratulations on the almonds, that is really great news and gives us all hope.
    Sending love and good to see you posting again.

    • intrepidallergymum
      January 7, 2014 at 1:49 pm #

      Hi Kris
      Thank you for stopping by and your comments. I am a firm believer in visualisation, but sometimes I forget! So now I have to keep remembering that someday we might all look back on this and wonder how we coped! What allergy, what epi-pen, yes we can go and stay at club med (ha!).
      I am going to do a new post on food challenges and try and get this out before your food challenge, only as a something of a guide as each hospital has a different protocol – just some observations and little tips from our experience.
      Thanks for your support Kris, it is nice to have a group of people you can share the journey with.
      Charmaine x

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