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In Celebration of You

First day of school today, Year 1, can’t quite get my head around it.  My son was so excited he shot out of bed and was dressed in his uniform before going downstairs for breakfast   It’s always a mix of emotions, I am so pleased he is on his way and feels confident about his school, nervous because it is a new teacher and she doesn’t know him well yet – allergy wise, and a bit sad the holidays are over and the house feels a bit empty without his larger than life presence.

The timing is just perfect for my guest blogger, a very talented author,  Alicia Young who has shared some inspiring thoughts , “In Celebration of You”.  Alicia is a journalist, speaker and author of The Savvy Girl’s Guide to Grace: small touches with big impact—at home, work & in love. It’s a light and bright read for anyone who feels stretched amid the rush of modern life. The book’s publisher, Parasol Press LLC, has also launched The Savvy Life Awards, with $5000 in prizes to reward savvy living. Entry is free and open to U.S residents. See:

In Celebration of You….

A daughter dabs gently at her mother’s mouth, as she feeds the older woman and holds the thin, papery hand that once dried her tears over a broken toy or a broken heart.

A professor challenges her class to pose a dynamic solution to the problem before them.

A newlywed grieves a job lost and a dream deferred for her partner, who got laid off today.

As women, we embrace compassion and support, selflessly playing cheerleader to others. We listen, coax, encourage and boost our loved ones in their quests, ushering them through their dark times. We remind them of their successes, their accomplishments, and their creativity.

Why then, are we sometimes slow to recognize our own achievements? Our uniqueness? And why are we equally hesitant to celebrate them, or relegate them to an afterthought?

As girls, we are often raised to accord more significance to the needs— even the whims— of others, more importance than our own. There is a time and place for that, as any mother knows. But when we carve out time for ourselves—if only mere minutes— we are sending a powerful message, both to those around us, and to ourselves.

We need to own our skills, to embrace our mindsets and to value our way of engaging the world. We need to claim time to recharge and rejuvenate.

My challenge to you:  find a way to celebrate yourself— this week, this month, this year. Hang a sign on the door—literally or metaphorically—and declare this hour, this day, this weekend yours.

 It’s vital.

It’s graceful.

It’s overdue.

How do you take time out to celebrate yourself?


It always seems…

It always seems impossible until its done” Nelson Mandela

Thank you Nelson Mandela for being an inspiration to me, your words have lifted me, many times over the years.  This one quote has kept me strong in tough times.  Rest in Peace


the lightness of being ‘liked’

Being new to blogging, I do admit to feeling quite self-conscious:

  • Is my grammar cutting the mustard?
  • Could there be anyone interested in what I have to say?
  • Is there any one out there?
  • HELLO?

I have to admit (just quietly) that blogging is a bit of fun and surprisingly a stress reliever, which I try to squeeze into a hectic schedule; I wish I could expand time to allow more reflection and editing before pressing the ‘publish’ button!

So I was quite pleased when just the other day with my post on ‘Soup Therapy’,  I received some very welcomed attention from 11 bloggers – they ‘liked’ my post!  Whoo-hoo, golden moment, so excited, a personal best (PB), this to me was my very own ascent to the top of Everest, my version of Freshly Pressed (I hear you laughing already).

Of course I shared this ‘big’ achievement with my husband and he said, with a strange look in his eyes “That’s great honey”; same comment I get when I say “I am off to the grocery store to pick up supplies”.   So fellow bloggers, I hope you can relate to my elation with this small-but meaningful, blogging PB.

What I have found in the world of blogging has been bigger than what I expected, I love your stories, recipes, photography, creativity, design, minutiae in everyday life, the humour and the angst.  All of you set a high standard which I am trying to reach, so thank you, each and every one of you, and especially to those who took the time (over my 30 something posts) to encourage a Newbie like me to keep posting (does that sound too keen?).

Oh and I love comments too, I promise to answer each one x

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