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The Year of Living Dangerously đŸ‘€

In 2015 we plan to go full steam ahead to take a few allergens of my son’s long list. If only it was as easy as erasing the top 5 or so! Under medical advice we have started immunotherapy (more on that later) and we hope to do a baked egg challenge this year. As

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The ‘New’ EpiPen

New EpiPen and EpiPen Jr

My son’s Allergist has just upgraded his ‘Junior EpiPen’ to the regular ‘EpiPen’.  The upgrade is based on weight, he is now over 20kg.  With this upgrade comes the new style of EpiPen – have you seen it yet – do you have one?

One of the new changes is that the auto injector, now has a ‘built-in needle-end protection’, that means after you use it you are not left with a needle hanging out and the hassle of disposal (without injuring someone!).

I have registered with EpiPen Club, this entitles you to a free training DVD and an EpiPen Trainer pen, which is great for practice, and for family and friends to familiarise themselves with how to use it.

Interestingly, most people I observe practising (for the first time) on the ‘EpiPen Trainer’, tend to go for the commando style jab, when all you need is firm pressure without the stab style action!  Maybe they have been too influenced by the drama style action from shows like “ER” and “House”!

The EpiPen Club also offers a reminder service, so you get an email when your EpiPen is about to expire – pretty helpful I think.

Most of you would know that an EpiPen (in Australia) costs around $35 per 2 pens (if written on the same prescription) from your Specialist (with a PBS authorisation code).  If you are purchasing without a script it’s around $100 per Pen.

My biggest hassle is carrying it around in summer and remembering to take it out of the car – it has a temperature tolerance that doesn’t like the summer heat!  During the current heat wave in Perth, we have been to the local swimming pool nearly every day, I have to leave my medical kit (with the EpiPen) with the administration desk – it is too hot (39’C) to leave it on the lawn near the pool!

How do you manage to keep your EpiPen within the temperature tolerances?

Finally, the best discovery I have made since starting to blog, is this awesome blog site with some great humour it’s called Food Allergy Fun ; thank you to the talented Tiffany – you can see her work just above.

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