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rolling with the bad and the good

Our son recently had a blood test to see where his allergies were at, the good news was that lentils have made a significant decrease, but the elusive and more valued dairy, egg and nuts have continued to be stubborn and have gotten, slightly worse.  To say I was disappointed was an understatement. I remember asking our specialist

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The Allergy Epidemic: A Mystery of Modern Life

There is a relatively new book available on Allergies, written by Dr Susan Prescott, and titled “The Allergy Epidemic: A  Mystery of Modern Life”, published by UWA Press, 2011.  Dr Prescott is a Pediatric Allergist with Princess Margaret Hospital, here in Perth, Western Australia.

You can purchase the book here, from Anaphylaxis Australia.

If you would like to hear an interview Dr Prescott did with Radio National, where she talks about her findings, this short interview reveals some really interesting information, you can find that here.

Of course, if you are outside of Australia, and if you having any trouble obtaining a copy of the book, please contact me at and I would be happy to help you.

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